Publications scientifiques

La création, la diffusion et l’utilisation des savoirs constitue par conséquent une mission clé de la fondation. Vous trouverez ici un aperçu des publications scientifiques.

Frequency of patient-reported infections among sicker adults in high-income countries: An international perspective

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A Systematic Review of the Effectiveness, Compliance, and Critical Factors for Implementation of Safety Checklists in Surgery

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Communication barriers in counselling foreign-language patients in public pharmacies: threats to patient safety?

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Frequency of and Harm Associated With Primary Care Safety Incidents

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Patient safety – who cares?

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Second victim" - error, crises and how to get out of it

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Assessment, frequency, causes, and prevention of medication errors - a critical analysis

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Patient safety in outpatient care - study of Swiss primary care offices.

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CIRRNET® - learning from errors, a success story

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Threats to patient safety in the primary care office: concerns of physicians and nurses

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Indicator development for the assessment of pain management: a practical approach

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Patients’ and healthcare workers’ perceptions of a patient safety advisory

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Frequency of and predictors for patient-reported medical errors in Switzerland

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Is less more? Patients’ preferences for drug information leaflets

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Measures to enhance patient safety. Importance of efficiency evaluation

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Systematic review of medication safety assessment methods

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Critical incident monitoring in paediatric and adult critical care: from reporting to improved patient outcomes?

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Barriers and facilitators to chemotherapy patients’ engagement in medical error prevention. A vignette study.

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'New perspectives on well-known issues': Benchmarking patients' experiences and perceptions of safety in Swiss hospitals

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Chemotherapy patients’ perceptions of drug administration safety

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