Publications scientifiques

La création, la diffusion et l’utilisation des savoirs constitue par conséquent une mission clé de la fondation. Vous trouverez ici un aperçu des publications scientifiques.

Engaging patients as vigilant partners. A systematic review.

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Am I (un)safe here? Chemotherapy patients’ perspectives towards engaging in their safety

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Oncology Nurses’ perceptions about involving patients in the prevention of chemotherapy administration errors

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On the comprehensibility of German hospital quality reports: systematic evaluation and need for action

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The emotional impact of medical error involvement on physicians: A call for leadership and accountability

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Psychosocial risk factors and resources of medical students and physicians

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Working conditions and work-family conflict in German hospital physicians: Psychological and organizational predictors and consequences

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"Against the silence": Development and first results of a patient survey to assess experiences of safety-related events in hospital

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What makes an error unacceptable? A factorial survey on the disclosure of medical errors

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The epidemiology of preventable adverse drug events: a review of the literature

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